One of the most favorite food in Iran is Dolmeh. It's mainly made of the fresh and thin leaves of grape vine.

And since it's made of fresh leaves, it's available just in about one month a year. So maybe it's the main reason of it's popularity!

The recipe is mixed of ingredients which contain half-baked rice and split pea, fried minced meat and onion, vegetables, salt and spices. Then you may put a small amount of it into scalded leaves.

Wrap the leave by putting the edges of leave carefully on each other and try to secure it and put it in a pot. After you cove the pan with one layer of Dolmeh, put some greengages and a bit of sugar on it and then put the next layer with extra wrapped leaves.

At the end pour a glass of water and oil in the pan, and let it stew on a low heat for about an hour and half.
well, now Dolmeh is ready! Eat & enjoy. :)

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