More Tightly

And finally...
I'm glad to see the beautiful days in which I'm good. Everything looks OK and I'm happy that going to forget the bitter taste of loneliness. I feel good and I feel great whenever we talk.

Having conversation seems like a hill to mount. the first steps is slow and you feel like carrying a heavy pack, but when you reach the top, a great view, green outlook and beautiful scene appears. You start to run, while holding her/his hands and sing and dance freely. In the end you look at your buddy's eyes, breathe deeply and hold her/his hands more tightly...


I have lots of issues to discuss, which are killing me. Mental nodes or something like this. And there is no response but repeated words. I think I'm gonna fall deeply...

A Professional Interviewee

In this two years, I've had several different interviews depend on university stuff and applying for a job, some of which had 2 or 3 levels interview.

Now I consider myself a professional interviewee, who enter calmly, speak fluently, answer frankly, and behave dominantly :)

In one of recent ones, except the friendly atmosphere, I appeared simply good that the interviewers openly showed their satisfaction with their smiles and admiration. Although I need to pass another interview to get this job entirely, the result was good enough to avoid me seeking job again and again. Hope all things get on successfully.

Men vs. Women

Men And women are different in several aspects; one of them is the way they react when a problem arises.

Men often prefer to be silent for a while, and think about the whole situation, until finally they come up with a good solution. Women, in contrast, start talking about the complex situation not only to stimulate others sympathy, but also to rearrange their mind. Maybe they are not aware of this process, but even unconsciously, by speaking, they are seeking the head of the twisted clue to rearrange their mind and find the solution at the end.

For me, writing does the same. Sometimes when I prefer not to speak to anybody about the situation, I start writing to open the knot in my mind. Since I think, most of the time, friends, by their sympathy, do make the problems much more serious in the mind...

the Deepest Love Is the Simplest

I never thought I would enjoy watching a movie even in third time. Normally I'm not into movies. But I think It was amazing.
I guess, maybe, that's because I feel it totally. I mean I totally can understand how such a simple, but deep relationship can be adorable. Since a special time in my life, I've thought there is no need to happen something strange or odd or even special to shape a real, deep love. I experienced the deepest love in my life, through a very very simple words, with doing nothing but speak. And sometimes without any word! And I know how passionate it would be, just if you love someone purely and for him/herself alone.
Maybe that's why I understand this movie entirely by my heart.
I miss this feeling… I really miss it.

What's wrong?

I'm starting to feel less interested in learning English. I don't know exactly why, but I'm not pleased with this large amount of homework anymore.
I don't know what I can do to evoke the tendency of learning English... And It's not a good sign at all.
I'll appreciate any suggestion.

Beg or Bargain?

What do you think about bargaining? Do you think it's fair? Do you think it's an enjoyable ritual?
I hate it! The seller offer a price higher than the real cost and the buyer try or sometimes struggle to reduce it. It's ridiculous! But they tend to this game with complete satisfaction.
I hate it because I don't consider it as an honest fact, nor I enjoy pushing someone to accept my suggestion. I hate it because I think it's kind of begging money in an unfair way.
I prefer sellers face me in an honest attitude, and offer me the real price, and I pay the exact worth… And if I cannot offer it, so, that's my problem! I can buy something lower in price or I'll stay until assembling enough money to buy that special thing.
I just hope people let bargaining go away! 


It's the first time I've managed my life like this.
There are always some obligatory tasks in the life that their necessitate makes them unpleasant to do. I have some the same. But recently I could manage them in a way all of them are being done and also I enjoy doing them.
Furthermore something is becoming different in me which makes me kind of stronger and more relaxed.
It seems that my spring has begun almost two months earlier, since my birthday eve.


It died, before the birth...!

A gift

I'm feeling something strange in me. It's achy but lovely. I don't know what exactly is going to happen, but I think if I pass it, it can be a great and shiny point in whole my life.
I feel, these days, something is going to be given to me, sent from Heaven. The incident is really hard to me, but delightful. Isn't it marvelous?