A great unknown man

Today is the anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran. A noble man who was supporter of poor and inspired people all over the world.

He has had an outstanding childhood that we generally do not know much about it. As a child, He was being very smart and calm and loved learning new things.

He used to spend long time every day thinking and pondering. He started to read political news since a very early teenage years.

His aunt and elder brother who supported him in religious sciences and politics, showed him the way that helped him to think in a higher level than his age.

Considering his biography, I think he started his great movement just when he was a child by pondering, learning and reacting against rich land lords who used to govern people's properties at the time and were treating the poor farmers totally in a cruel manner.

He is one of my favorite heroes whom I respect and try to follow.

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My great hero