The Life

I think one of my most negative quality is not being sociable. I prefer to have a limit number of friends with a deep relationship. Going to lots of parties and visiting new people never make me happy. It's uncomfortable to participate in a party I don't know anybody. Although I could improve the ability of making new friends, I still prefer to communicate with a short number of people.

Well... Actually it was not what I wanted to say. In fact there are somethings I cannot say. I need to speak to someone most of the time, but I shouldn't... or maybe I couldn't... and maybe I never can. There are lots of things around me annoying but... It seems that it is the LIFE.


mskarimi said...

this text is very tragic for me...

Anonymous said...

I had this feel too.
Some years ago and then I decided to change myself and be a happy man :)
But during this changes you will miss some valuable things , some unrecoverable things.
Be happy and try to be in this state.It's a good sadness.Keep it and flow to it.It's a tiny candle and you should blow it to light up some days.Blow and be patient !