Going to Be Wiser

To be kind is not enough. In order to be useful you need to be wise too.

I really don't know why I repeated the previous mistake. I should not rely on my friends. It's really comforting to have a reliable one to confabulate, but it makes you awfully weak, specially when you are enduring somehow similar pains.

Every time I rely on a friend in my problems, I become very breakable and sensitive. Whenever I do this, I break down.

I should set up my relationship with my friends. I need to make my private space much wider. Nobody won't enter in. I should manage by own.
And I know that I can. All the time that I've been alone to resolve my problem, I've handled relatively well! I've found out that I always know the best solution better than the others. But I don't know why I do not count on myself sometimes.

In some situations, I stupidly try to put my own mind down. My mind warns me that my friend's concern and sympathetic and even their offers is not true, but I don't care at all. And then my problem goes to be worse and worse, and I become weaker and weaker!

Yes! I should manage my self on my own. I can manage my emotions wisely. I would let my heart get heavy, grieve or even cry, but I won't let it control me!
It isn't the first time I'm testing myself. Every time, I count on myself and do not speak about my problem to anyone, I think far more better and get off the hook very soon!

In some issues, I'm really the only one who can help myself.

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