A Bud

I was little free and wondering what I can do.

It was a good idea to update my blog!

The good point to say is that today I was really talkative in my morning class.
The lesson was about inventions and I knew enough about one of these inventions: World Wide Web!

During the class I spoke a piece about Internet usage, surfing the webs, social network services specially Facebook and Friendfeed, also about the cyber army and Iranian hackers. Further about how to find subtitles of the movies in order to help the movie freaks in the class!

I found myself much better than before in speaking. But I think I'm really weak in speaking yet and I need to speak more. I still forget some words whenever I start speaking.

Fortunately I have a good relationship with my classmates and they ask me their questions as the best classmate. After all I got the best score at the midterm exam! ;)

My Teacher showed her satisfaction of my writing these way: "It was very good. Very good"!
And I know that this blog really helps me to write in correct way and learning some new words and remembering the words I've used here easily.

The above passage was written on Monday. And yesterday, when I was chatting a friend in English, I made lots of mistakes! Somehow a disaster! :D
But actually I think It was not that bad at least for early chats.

I'm really eager to learn much faster than now. I wish I had a good partner to workout...

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