Giving up the job

I'm going to quit one of my jobs.

There occurred a misunderstanding and when I tried to clarify it for my manager, he didn't answer to my calls nor did he reply my messages.

He blamed me and never tried to hear me, nor did he give me an opportunity to tell him what made me that sad and mad, was not distrusting him but for the broken promises!

I was angry by the accountant who was telling me all the time "It'll be done tomorrow", "It'll be done this weekend", "It'll be done next week" and it was like this 'tomorrow' would never come!

He finally did it after two months but the point is his regularly breaking promises and not doing based on what he told me himself.

If he told me it'll be done for example after five months, I would never call him anymore, nor would I get angry. But promising to do something in a period of time and not doing it, is really unbearable to me.

I consider the accountant's behavior and the manager not answering my calls and SMSs a big disrespect which have never happened to me before in my all other jobs. I think it was not an appropriate reaction to my honesty and attentive cooperation after these years.

I prefer to give up the job I really liked, in order to keep my dignity against anything that would violate it.

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