counting on myself

I asked my teacher about the problem I'd written.

She told me one of the solutions is "to watch movies a lot, at least for a year. It'll help you to find out the appropriate words". And I know it's hard finding some suitable movies.
I think it's effective to write more in English too. So I'm going to update my blog every week.
One of big Problems in blogging is to find a subject to write about. Therefore I think the best subject is my own life. I mean my experiences and my memories. And maybe I update it with the photos of my albums too!

And I remember one more thing...
When I changed my English class from Qum to Shiraz, I found my classmates very dull. They all were teenagers and school girls. Very soon I found myself the best student in the new class without any competitor; although I was almost top student in my previous class in Qum as well, but I had some serious competitors.
So I was never worry about my speaking in my new class. I was so relaxed and not anxious to find appropriate words. After the second session, I found myself fluent in speaking! Although I'd asked lots of questions and was active enough during the session, I didn't make any mistakes in speaking, nor finding proper word, and the most important thing was the matter of fluency.

Yeah! That's it! Whenever I was more careful in speaking, I do not do it as well as I've expected.
So I try to count on myself and speak as much as possible in the class.
(Of course I changed my class to adult classes to keep myself not getting too lazy!)

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