I was taught English since I was 9 years old.

My first English teacher was a Canadian woman named Elma. She was a nice woman with two children and a Pakistani husband we called him Mr.Muzaffar.

She had been converted to Muslim. They named their son Basit, and their daughter Noora.

I remember her blond pigtail-style hair and her especial delightful perfume. Also I remember that her house was always clean and full of light.

Although their children were little yet, they'd learnt to speak in 8 various foreign languages. Mr.Muzaffar and Elma each knew some foreign languages which they had taught them to children.

She was also teaching my brother, my father and slightly my mother besides me.

They used to live in our neighborhood and when after a year we moved from there, we had to change our teacher. (I'll tell you about my second English teacher later.)

Unfortunately I don't have any photo of them except the images I have in my mind.

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