Imagine someone suddenly shoves you and you fall into a deep point of a river. You start to move your hands and feet and struggle to breathe. Since you're so unfortunate, the river is wavy and you don't know well how to swim.

You feel you're going to drown and wish someone would be there and could rescue you.

After awhile you find a piece of wood that your friend holds it to save you from drowning. You catch it and get out of wild river.

You're shocked and as you swallow lots of water, you can't breathe very well. Your friend is waiting for you to say something, but you can't speak at all.

While you are bending and straightening and trying to breathe, your friend is expectantly looking at you.
After that, you sit on a rock, rest your hands on your knees, gaze on the ground in front of your feet and review what happened. Then breathing deeply, you watch wistful face of your friend, smile and say: "Finished already"!

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