moving in

Guess what?! 

I'm going to get rid of this dormitory. Can you believe it?

Yes! After three semesters, I'm going to leave Student dormitory. Though it was a very good experience, but I'm thankful for getting rid of this crowded place with small personal space, roommates with different culture and being far from city center.

I'm going to move into my friend's house, who was graduated in summer and got back to Shiraz. There's nobody living in their house now. So I'm going to move in soon.

Are you worried about me living alone? To tell you the truth, I'm not that alone! Two sisters of my friend are living upstairs. And of course I'm not afraid of loneliness, nor darkness, nor anything else similar; so remain calm!

The house is close to my English class, libraries, holly shrine, book stores, and almost anywhere I need to go. Then I think I can go hiking everyday and swimming twice a week.

Oh, I'm really happy and eager to move in.

P.s: And let me paste what my good friend has written to me when she read this post before publishing: "Wow Kosar! You're so smart, mashallah... You're becoming very good in a short time. Congrats :) Keep up learning." Glad to hear that.


Hadi said...

happy for your happiness

Kosar said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Am happy you're moving into a new house and getting rid of the dormitory. It's alittle difficult to live alone though. I experienced it. But it also helps you to grow up and enjoy the feeling of independence :)

Kosar said...

I hope so...