Next English Teacher

It's time to tell you about my second English teacher.

She was a Pakistani cute girl named Faezah and we were calling her Aunt; "Khale Faezeh". She was majoring in medicine and lived with her mother and brother. Her father had passed away long ago.
She was very kind and we really loved her.

We were living upstairs and to learn English we had to go downstairs to their house.
Sometimes she would get help from English-Urdu dictionary to tell us meaning of the words. Because Urdu shares some words with Persian.

We also loved her mother (we used to call her Madar) and her brother named Mr.Ziad. He got married when we were living there, while she was single yet.

Actually she was not just my English teacher, she was also my good friend. I have lots of memories with her. She taught me the musical notes. She had a spinet and she taught me a very short opus in order to help me to memorize the notes. That was it: do re mi, re mi fa, mi fa mi fa, sol sol, sol la si la.

I don't know where she is and what she is doing now. Sometimes I really miss them.

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